"Works lovely. Only the computer has to be set up as wake on lan before using this app."

- Morten H.


"One word - Fantastic!!! Just enter Mac and IPv4, Your done!!!"

- Ronny

"Great stuff! Recommended."

- Kiriakos 



Feature Free Version Full Version
Cortana Integration
Power On/Wake PC
PC Status
Location Based Wake
Scheduled Wake
Shutdown PC
Restart PC
Hibernate PC
Sleep PC

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How It works

VoiceWake uses Wake on LAN technology to turn on your PC over the internet or your home network, this feature does not require any additional software to use.  The Shutdown, Restart, and Hibernate features, on the other hand require a desktop companion application to be installed on the target computer, which you can download here.  The desktop application also displays information about your PC that you need to enter into your phone to begin using VoiceWake.

Please note that you must set up Wake on LAN on the target PC and properly forward ports on your router for proper functionality.  The desktop companion application displays all the information about your PC that VoiceWake requires and also displays the recommended router configuration.

Visit the FAQ page for more help setting up VoiceWake, or visit the Contact to message me directly.

Thank you for trying VoiceWake!

The all in one PC remote

Wake Up, Shutdown, Restart, Sleep & Hibernate

VoiceWake is a Windows Phone 8.1 exclusive app that allows you to wake up, shutdown, restart, and hibernate your Windows PC from anywhere.  Integration with Windows Phone's new voice assistant Cortana even allows you to use voice commands to control your PC!